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A salt water maritime flower, the sea aster blooms in salt marshes in September and is known as “Summer’s Farewell”.

A resilient little flower, the sea aster is rich with nutrients to strengthen the skin. The flower extract calms redness and sensitivity while promoting hydration. The scents of sea aster, seagrass and driftwood will totally relax you.

The North Star, Polaris, is the star used by sailors to set sail in the right direction. Put your skin in the right direction with Swedish Dream Sea Aster Soap.

Aster means “Star”! • SKU No. 578 • Available 9/22.


A formula rich with 20% natural shea butter, the aura of Swedish Dream Sea Salt and infusions of sunflower, lavender, calendula, and olive oils without paraben, sulfate or silicone fillers.

Very concentrated and deep penetrating to really moisten the skin and keep it subtle. The fresh scent of the sea on your hands will simply delight you.

So, for SHIPSHAPE HANDS and TOP DECK FEET, its Swedish Dream Sea Salt Hand Crème. (Good for all mates!) • SKU No. 579 • Available Oct., 2014.

Sweedish Dream Soap