• CELLA Rapid Shaving Cream For Precision Shaving

CELLA Rapid Shaving Cream For Precision Shaving

The long time "Kalastyle Classic", CELLA Crema Da Barba Extra Extra Purissima (Almond Shaving Cream), now comes in a Rapid Shaving Cream, for Precision Shaving! Standing the test of time with loyal shavers all over the globe, this classic Italian brand was developed by master soap makers back in 1899. Still 100% made in the heart of Milano, this almond based cream comes in a sleek red tube, with easy-to-use screw cap closure, and handsome vintage packaging. Cella Rapid Shave Cream can be applied without the use of a brush, providing a perfect shave. Its clear texture makes it easy to see the areas to be shaved and to outline the beard, moustache, sideburns and goatee with speed and precision.

Key Ingredients: water, sweet almond oil, and jojoba seed oil. Imported from Milano, Italy.

What it smells like: cream features a heady, crisp, unmistakable almond scent.

How to use: wet the face with warm water and apply the product on the areas to be shaved. For a feeling of complete comfort, use Aftershave Cella after shaving.
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