• CELLA Beard Hygenic Gel

CELLA Beard Hygenic Gel

The long time "Kalastyle Classic", CELLA Milano, has expanded their incredible shaving and beard care line! Introducing the Gel Igienizzante Per Barba (Beard Hygenic Gel)- to help sanitize, deodorize, and clean the beard, with NO oily residue. Standing the test of time with loyal barbers all over the globe, this classic Italian brand was created by master soap makers back in 1899. The exclusive rinse-free Cella Beard Hygenic Gel has purifying and antibacterial properties, that provide both hygiene and convenience for any time of day. Leaves beards soft, clean, and pleasantly scented. Packaged in a sleek white tube with classic matte-black screw cap for easy closure.

Key Ingredients: water, castor oil. Imported from Milano, Italy.

What it smells like: cool, clean, inviting scent.

How to use: spread evenly over the beard, down to the skin. Massage until completely absorbed. Do not rinse. Use daily.
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